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We help  parents involved in separation, divorce, or similar family law matters to  resolve child-related disputes without expensive litigation.  The process helps create solutions that meet the needs of both parents and their children, helps shield children from the pain and hurt of ongoing parental conflict, and gives parents effective strategies to

co-parent their children without  stress and conflict, now and in the future.  


Parenting coordinators work: A recent study of divorcing couples who used parenting coordinators found they had 75% less child-related court filings, and 40% less filings of other motions, thus saving them, and the courts, significant time and resources.

Our strategy in mediation is to listen, coach, and focus conversations in a way that creates a respectful and cooperative negotiation atmosphere.  We offer civil and family financial/divorce mediation services to help you reach agreements with less stress, time, and cost than occurs with traditional litigation.


Mediation works: Studies in North Carolina show that 70% of mediations are successful in coming to resolution during the session, while another 20% settle prior to going to court because of what was accomplished in mediation. 

We'll help you find sensible solutions to complex issues. 

  1. Less expensive than litigation

  2. Saves time- no waiting for court dates

  3. Effective- most cases are resolved without going to court

  4. The parties make all the decisions about their future

Why Mediate?

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