Child and Teen Behavior Challenges

Photo by pixelfit/iStock / Getty Images

Do you feel frustrated by your child or teen’s angry or defiant behavior?

Do you worry about your child or teen's behaviors at home or school?

Is your child or teen intensely angry, hostile, or aggressive?

Constantly talking back or arguing with you?

We have providers who specialize in working with children and adolescents with these types of challenging behaviors, helping them find relief from the worry, stress, and problems they experience. We'll give your child the necessary support in a safe and comfortable environment to process the difficulties and uncertainties faced, while learning new ways to cope and make better behavior choices. 

We are trained and certified in effective behavior therapies, including being one of only 12 providers in the state of North Carolina that is certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), one of the top behavioral interventions for children.

We know just how to engage your child, and your resistant teen, in therapies with a proven track record of success, so that your child can make progress you both can see, and your family can have a less stressful, more peaceful home.