Children and Teens

Are you feeling lost trying to help your child, who is worried, sad, angry, defiant, having problems in school, or dealing with other problems? Are you feeling disconnected from your child or less joyful about parenting? We can help!

We work with children and teens differently than we do in the usual adult “talk" therapy. We use age-appropriate tools and techniques, backed by research about their effectiveness, to help your child or teen express themselves, gain new skills, and learn ways to deal with life's challenges. The result is a happier, healthier child (and parent!). 

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Child Services

We use play and expressive activities, like art and music, in specific ways to help children express their worries, thoughts, and feelings about situations that they are struggling with.

These activities help us to understand the child's view of things, identify areas of emotional distress, and work with the child to resolve it.

We also work with parents and other caregivers to help address problem behaviors that affect home, school, or social activities. 

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Teen Services

We can help your child through the challenging time that is adolescence. We help teens figure out their own identity and find ways to deal with peer pressure, ever-changing emotions, and the increasing pressure to make mature decisions. 

We give teens the tools they need to manage anxiety, stress, intense anger, or depression, and help them learn to better control their emotions and cope with their feelings in healthy ways.

We also help teens with defiant behaviors, who use drugs or alcohol, or who harm themselves, to get them back on track for healthy development.  

We work with parents, too, giving you tools that work to use at home for a happier, more peaceful family life. 

If you are a parent worried that your teen won't take part in therapy, rest assured that we have highly trained providers who know how to use videos, music, art, movies, games, comics, and other tools to engage your child while accomplishing the goals of therapy.