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College Transition Counselor

College Transition Therapist in Charlotte, Matthews NC

College transition counselors help students make the transition from high school to college. Reaching Resolution is here to help you. For more information contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 9719 Northeast Parkway, Suite 100 Matthews NC 28105.

College Transition Therapist Near Me in Charlotte, Matthews NC
College Transition Counselor Near Me in Matthews, NC

Table of Contents:

How do you cope with college transitions?
How much does a college admissions counselor cost?
How do i find a college admissions counselor?

College transition counselors provide guidance and support to students as they plan their courses of study, seek academic help, and navigate their first few weeks at college. They may also work with parents and other college personnel to help students adjust to their new environment. College transition counselors are often the first point of contact for students when they need help, so their ability to listen and provide excellent client-centered care is crucial to the student’s success in school and in college.

How do you cope with college transitions?

College is an exciting time full of many changes; from new scenery, living situations, colleagues, and daily schedules, it can be difficult to adapt to college life and then of course, face those career issues. To help with the transition:

⦁ Let Go of Expectations — Our culture sets certain expectations for college, often presented as a fun, carefree time full of plenty of social interactions and events. However, having certain college expectations can put a lot of pressure on you to do things in a certain way, even if it may seem unnatural. It is important to release any preconceived ideas of what college should be, and just focus on being present.
⦁ Establish a New Routine — College often comes with many routine changes that can make us feel unstable. Routine helps provide stability in our lives, so it is important to try to create a new routine within the first month on campus.
⦁ Connect with Your Peers — While others are more introverted and feel nervous about it, some students are excited at the chance to meet so many new people. Regardless of what you are feeling, it is important to make meaningful connections with your fellow students; this will look different for each individual. For example, some people might enjoy attending parties and hanging out with a large group of friends, while others might prefer to have a small group of close friends and spend time with people one-on-one.
⦁ Seek Out Campus Resources — There should be an abundance of resources available on campus to help students transition to college life. Stop by the counseling office or tutoring center to learn about the mental health and academic offerings, or talk to the Resident Assistant (RA) about dorm life. See your academic advisor for any questions about classes and online training programs. Colleges understand that it takes time to adjust to a new way of life, and they want to help you succeed; take advantage of any resources you need to thrive in this new setting.
⦁ Stay in Touch with Family and Friends — Just because you are making new friends does not mean you have to get rid of your old ones. It is important to stay in touch with old friends; text, call, and video chat to maintain those old relationships and understand the life adjustments.
⦁ Maintain Physical and Mental Health — Many students mistakenly neglect their physical and mental well-being and instead put all the emphasis on academic performance and social activities. However, no one can perform their best without adequate sleep, nutrition, and mental wellbeing, so it is imperative to eat regular and balanced meals, sleep at least seven to nine hours each night, and take time to de-stress.

How much does a college admissions counselor cost?

The cost of a college admissions counselor varies depending on a number of different factors, including:

⦁ The fee structure of the company
⦁ How much work do they put into the college admissions process

Some counselors work with a student for just a few hours to review their college list, while others will be working with the same student for years as they approach the time that they will actually be applying to post-secondary education facilities.

How do i find a college admissions counselor?

When looking for a college admissions counselor, it is important to consider their experience, such as how long they have been helping students apply for college, how many students they have worked with, and their college admission success rate. The college transition counselor at Reaching Resolution can help you adjust to life at post-secondary school, so you can continue to learn and grow. Call us today to book an appointment with our college transition counselor, or visit our clinic. For more information call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 9719 Northeast Parkway, Suite 100 Matthews NC 28105. We serve clients from Matthews NC, Charlotte NC, Mint Hill NC, Indian Trail NC, Pineville NC, and Stallings NC.

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