We have extensive training and more than 20 years of experience in providing play therapy services to children ages 3-12.

Research shows play therapy is effective for improving children's behavior and emotional problems, as well as contributing to their overall wellness and healthy development.

As part of our committment to the play therapy field, Dr. Masiello serves as a peer-reviewer for the Association for Play Therapy's publications.

We offer: 

  • Child-Centered Play Therapy to help young childen process social and emotional experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to build a better parent-child relationship and lessen children's anger, tantrums, defiance, and misbehavior, while increasing cooperation and compliance. We use a special 'bug in the ear' microphone to coach parents in real time as they interact with their child.
  • Filial Therapy, a special form of play therapy that involves a parent, to help children with anxiety or depression, or those who've had a traumatic experience. 
  • Theraplay, a parent and child therapy that uses playful and challenging activities to build children's self-esteem and create a secure, warm connection between parent and child.
  • Directive Play Therapy, which uses therapeutic games, activities, and conversation to help children process emotions, build confidence, gain social or emotion control skills, increase problem-solving abilities, and make better behavior choices.