Post Divorce Specialists

Helping (Re)Build Families

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Post-Divorce Counseling

  • Separation and divorce typically creates emotional pain for those involved, as well as for children the couple might have. It hurts because it causes a deep sense of loss, a change in what is known, and a need to shift directions from where you thought you were going as a couple. 
  • Individual counseling helps children, teens, and adults to deal with the changes and feelings of loss, cope emotionally with the situation in healthy ways, manage feelings of being overwhelmed, and reach a place of acceptance and readiness to move on in life. 
  • We have extensive expertise in helping you sort through and untangle your emotions, figure out your post-divorce identity and desires, and begin taking steps towards your new future. 
  • We have numerous strategies for working with your children and teens, as well, helping them to understand divorce, to identify and cope with their emotions, and to come to terms with the changes in their family. 


  • We help you and your child's other parent work together to create the most secure, caring situation for your children after your separation or divorce.
  • We know from research that the biggest predictor of children's healthy adjustment after the parents' divorce is having close relationships with both parents, who are polite to one another. We help you and your co-parent understand your parenting values, learn new ways to relate to one another and better communicate, talk through differences, and make agreements related to co-parenting.
  • We give you tips and strategies to help you step away from bitterness and leave the past behind, so you can come together as a united front for the benefit, and healthy development, of your child.
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Photo by mauro_grigollo/iStock / Getty Images

Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy is a highly specialized form of family therapy that seeks to heal a strained or broken relationship between a parent and child after divorce.

The goal is to reconnect the parent and child; rebuilding the bond that was disrupted in the divorce process. It is typically court ordered, although in some cases, parents mutually agree to participate.

While reunification therapy is targets the relationship between the child and the target parent, it does include both parents to some degree, as they work toward restoring the child's ability to have a healthy relationship with both parents.