Family Financial Mediation

We help separating couples resolve financial disputes that arose with the end of the marriage. We meet to discuss property and debt division, child support, and alimony, and find ways to reach agreements about these issues. We have helped many couples who, perhaps just like you, needed guidance in navigating through the uncharted waters of financially separating their married life. 

Divorce Mediation

In addition to the financial side of separation, we also help separating couples develop a plan for child custody and parenting time. We help you think through the details of your parenting plan, minimizing the chance of co-parenting disagreements later on. With our background in child development, we are uniquely qualified to help you think about your child's developmental needs now and in the future, helping you create a parenting plan that lasts.

Mediated Settlement Conference (Superior Court Mediation)

Our mediation services are designed to give clients, with the help of their attorneys, the chance to settle their cases outside of the courtroom with the support they need to reach agreements. We work efficiently and effectively to help clients settle their disputes, saving them time, money, and emotional energy.